iPhone 6S AT&T Rose Gold 64 GB - 5DEGRY0 Liquid Dmg A1633



Product Details

iPhone 6S AT&T Rose Gold 64 GB - 5DEGRY0 Liquid Dmg A1633

We list each phone individually so you know there won't be any surprises when you receive your phone. Each phone is examined carefully by an expert technician and individually certified.

This phone is known to have liquid damage. In this case, the SIM card slot is damaged which doesn’t allow for the phone to be activated. For this reason, this phone is listed as parts only. The screen has a couple of dark spots and appears to have also been damaged by liquid. All externals of the case are in good condition with hardly any scratching.

No accessories of any kind are included.SIM Card is NOT included.  Original box is not included.

Has clean IMEI. iCloud status is unknown as the phone cannot be setup due to damage to the SIM card area. 

NOTICE we do not provide support for phones that will be used internationally. This phone CANNOT be used on any other carrier than AT&T. This phone IS NOT carrier unlocked and most likely cannot be carrier unlocked.

Phone may have very small scratches that cannot seen in pictures (they are too small to photograph). Any blemishes that can be photographed are attached to this listing. Please review them before purchasing. 

IMEI / DEC / MEID Numbers will not be provided until we receive payment for the phone. We have record of the phones IMEI numbers and will not accept returns with differing IMEI numbers. 

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